New York City 2018


I have a love hate relationship with New York City. Good portions of my family live there, meaning that I am fairly familiar with the city. So transportation and getting around has never been a real issue. It also means that I never really experience the city in a touristy way.  I’m not saying that I want to be a tourist, it rarely is how we travel, but sometimes, just sometimes, it would be nice to experience some of the iconic things of the city.  

This trip was a quick work trip for me. I was there to shoot some behind the scenes photography for an indi film being shot in a studio in Brooklyn.  I used my time in the studio to just chill and shoot.  But it was the walking around that led me to some quick and cool pics.  New York is a huge host to visual stimulation, every corner, every street there is a deluge of smell, sights, and sounds. 

BTS Movie Set
On Set shooting BTS for an “unnamed” indie film being shot in Brooklynn

For me, my explorations were going to include mostly food.  I usually just get a slice of pizza here and there and call it a meal. And when you are on set, they provide all the food so that you can work the hours without necissarily having to do a major stop to feed your face.  With my role being very minor on set, I kind of came and went as I chose, so I chose to explore a little more of the city, and stop in and out for pics of the crew and the scenes.

My goal was to hit one of David Chang’s eateries on this trip. Momofuku of any type was a must. So I hopped the train and headed into the lower east side and went on the prowl for some of this star chef’s noodles.  The unfortunate mishap of my first stop. Closed. You would think a simple little yelp check and I would have known, but in my excitement, I just looked up the corner it was on and traveled analog, without google maps or millions of dollars worth of navigational equipment guiding me.  After that mistake, I looked up his noodle bar that was open, plugged it into the gps and was on my way. 

Then I found it… and it shone with all the glory of freshly made noodles and broth. I am not a foodie. I’m not a food snob. I will eat almost anything, but when it comes to Ramen, it litterally becomes the first thing I yelp when I arrive at a new city. This stuff makes me happy. It is one of those foods that is an ultimate comfort food, and nothing beats late hours of work, lots of time in airports than a good bowl of ramen.

The experience was true to form. Long communal tables, loud kitchen, and wafts of wonderful smelling food all over the place. It’s one of those things that you know you are in a good place when everyone is smiling, and everyone is eating steaming bowls of broth and noodle.
I’m not going to go into major form on what it was like, only that if you ever find yourself in th area it is one of those simple experiences in the city that won’t let you down.

I also promis you that not all my travel posts will be on the local Ramen Noodle house, but their might always be a hint of bowl of goodness in my writings. This was a major experience for me. One of those places that you get to check off of your bucket list.

To the next place, to the next adventure, to the next job, to the next vacation. Cheers.

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